Things to Know About Prenatal Massage

If you ever had massage therapy before, you know that both your mind and your body feel better after the session, right? This feeling can also be applied for prenatal massage. This can even feel a lot better whenever changes in posture and additional weight stir up new pains and aches.  

Here are a couple of things that you should know about prenatal massage: 

How is it Different from Ordinary Massage? 

This type of massage is modified for the anatomical alterations that women go through during pregnancy. You may spend 50% of your time lying face-down on your stomach in a regular massage. Of course, if you’re pregnant, this won’t be comfortable. Even if you face up, it will still place pressure on a major blood vessel that will leave pregnant women feeling nauseous.  

However, as your posture and shape changes, a professional therapist will create accommodations with unique holes or cushioning systems that enable you to safely lie face down, while offering room for your growing breasts and belly. You can also lie on your side with the help of cushions and pillows.  

Also, during a prenatal massage, you shouldn’t expect a deep tissue session on your legs. Though gentle pressure is safe, pregnant women are especially prone to blood clots. It can be dislodged by deep massage. Because of this, it can be dangerous. On the other hand, the pressure can be as gentle or as deep as you want in other body areas. Always talk with the therapist about what feels bad and what feels good.  

Is It Really Safe? 

In general, after the first trimester, prenatal massages are considered safe. However, you’ve got to ensure that your doctor is fine with it and you let the therapist know that you are pregnant. However, you’ve got to avoid massage during the 1st 3 months of pregnancy. The reason for this is that it might add to your morning sickness and promote dizziness.  

A couple of professional therapists avoid particular pressure points. This includes the points between your heel and anklebone since it might activate contractions. Also, it is an excellent move to avoid having your belly massaged because the pressure on that part can make you uncomfortable whenever you are pregnant.  

You should not lie on your back during the massage if you’re in the 2nd half of your pregnancy. The reason for this is that your uterus and your baby can compress blood vessels. This will lower circulation to your placenta. This will produce more issues than any massage can help. 

Also, there is another thing to remember. Though any massage therapist can work on a pregnant woman, it is ideal to visit a therapist who specializes in prenatal massage. Keep in mind that there isn’t any certain certification. Thus, you’ve got to ask the therapist first. With this, you can ensure that you are in the hands of a professional who exactly knows how to relieve pressure and pain related to your pregnancy. Thus, making you more comfortable.