Questions to Ask When Hiring a Tree Care Professional

There are a couple of crucial questions to ask when hiring a tree care professional to do work on your home. You want to ensure that they’re properly insured, certified, and utilizing ideal techniques and practices for tree pruning.  

If you don’t, your trees might end up suffering. So, if you need a professional arborist to do some tree work on your property, whether it’s Traverse City stump grinding or tree removal, here are some questions to ask: 

What Type of Tools Do You Use? 

Climbing the tree with harnesses and ropes and utilizing an aerial lift are the two most commonly utilized techniques of working in trees. There are particular cases where one method is preferred over the other. However, every single method has its advantages and disadvantages. It is best to hire a professional that has all the required tools needed for the job. 

What’s Their Reputation? 

You want to hire a professional with an excellent reputation. When looking for reviews, the Internet is the best tool to use. You can also try asking other homeowners who they hire. You can also ask your neighbors and friends.  

You should know if the arborist is active with volunteering in the community. An excellent tree care company will be popular with the community because of the nature of their job. Keep in mind that you want to know what type of service they offer. You shouldn’t simply hire someone that your neighbor or friend knows.  

You’ve got to ensure they’ve got the experience with the form of work that you need. Pruning and tree removal are two various skill sets. A tree professional might be able to quickly remove a tree. However, this doesn’t mean they know how to properly prune a tree.  

What’s Their Experience in the Industry? 

There are a couple of questions you need to ask when working with a tree care professional. 

  • When and where did you receive your latest training or certifications? 
  • Who did you learn these skills from? 
  • How many years have you been practicing this job? 

Simply because a person owns a tree care business does not mean they’re utilizing the ideal methods. The industry is always evolving. An excellent tree care professional will be updated with the new practices.  

It’s extremely vital that the arborist you hire has the experience to perform the task that you need.  

Are They Completely Certified and Insured? 

It’s vital to hire a reliable tree care professional that’s completely insured. Tree care is a risky job. You have to ensure that the professional you hire has liability insurance.  

A lot of people might not know that some insurance coverage isn’t mandatory for a tree care company. One certifying body that needs arborists to update their knowledge base is the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). A certified tree care professional will have current ISA training and in-depth knowledge about tree care methods and safety procedures that will benefit you and the trees. Keep in mind that you’ve got to ask about these certifications.  

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